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Welcome to the Professional Resources of DR. WITTE & PARTNER!

Since our foundation in 1994, we have developed vigour, effective and profound implementation skills to secure immediate impact on business performance.

Our motto, then as now: “We come after consultancy “

We are managing directors, production managers, crisis or project managers and experts across a wide field of industries, materials and processes … or simply :
additional leadership and expert resources with a hands-on approach.

Rolled up sleeves have become our trademark!

Over the last 20 years we made the difference for local and international enterprises as well as corporations.

  • We are able to provide services (virtuallyalmost) overnight around the globe.
  • We do not need extensive analyses. 5 to 10 working days in advance will suffice; we take care of everything else simultaneously to the job.
  • We coach a learning/teaching cycle during implementation and keep focus on effective & people winning solutions – not wasting your time in meetings & reporting.
  • We win your employees and in particular your first line management in the shopfloor through conviction and support! We do not need any managerial authority and will certainly not act as ‘pain in the neck’.
  • We are familiar with organisational psychology. All too often, this is the root of the challenges that call for action.

Our fee depends on the demands of the task and is usually offered based on our performance and/or the terms required for the project.

In this sense, our effective and agile implementation skills and passionate way of work are our outstanding features!

Yours sincerely
Lothar Witte




Dr.- Ing. Lothar Witte

Managing Director


Am Kannenofen 34
53721 Siegburg

tel. : +49 22 41 / 58 0 85
fax : +49 22 41 / 50 0 91


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Managing Director:
Dr.-Ing. Lothar Witte
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